New Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay And DLC Details Emerge

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As the September 17th release of Grand Theft Auto 5 gets ever closer, gamers are still at a loss as to what features they have to look forward when they finally get theirs hands on the title. Playstation Revista Oficial, a Brazilian gaming magazine, has apparently spent some time with Rockstar Studios who develop the Grand Theft Auto series, and have shed some more light on the game in an article that has been translated by a user on Reddit. There is a brief mention of DLC but no timeframe for when to expect it.


Not long now until gamers can travel around Los Santos for themselves 

While the majority of the details in the article are not exactly mind-blowing revelations, there are quite of few of them with some shedding some more light on the three protagonists and their distinct characteristics. An example of this is that if you want to drive all over the place like a madman than pick Franklin, as he is the best driver. Fancy a tour of Los Santos from the air? Trevor is your man as he is the best pilot.

You can view the list of features mentioned in the article below, as translated by OverratedMusicGenre on Reddit:

  • Franklin missions will be Wars Gangs and racing.
  • The heists are not part of the core gameplay story.
  • There will be DLC to buy, but Rockstar did not say when.
  • For the first time in the series there is Bus routes.
  • All “powers” from the characters will be activated with the button L3/LS.
  • Now the photos you take in the game can be uploaded to the Social Club.
  • According to the team of Rockstar, the look of Franklin was the only one who changed the most since the beginning of the game development.
  • Rockstar Tip 1: If you r planning to steal a plane, go with Trevor, he is the best pilot.
  • Rockstar Tip 2: Want an escape from the crazy city? Go to Franklin, he is the best driver.

It’s good that some more information about the game has come out especially the bit about supporting the game with DLC as some people had feared that the wouldn’t with the next-generation of consoles coming out so quickly after. Grand Theft Auto V is scheduled to release September 17th for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the U.S.

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