PlayStation 4 – Developers Can Control The Way Games Download

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According to Evolution Studios director Scott Kirkland, social gaming has revealed how analytics can instantly help understand what it is exactly that gamers focus on first. Using analytics, developers are able to modify how the digital version of a game is downloaded. It sounds to me like it will work similarly to World of Warcraft, Rift, Diablo 3 and other games pre-loading system.

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The PlayStation 4 will allow players to download and install games while already playing a game. You’ll also be able to browse the internet or watch movies while downloading or installing. You will even be able to play your PlayStation 4 games in the middle of installing them.

I’m really curious what exactly they’re going to do with the feature for particular games. Will we be able to choose which aspect of the game we want to download – multiplayer or single player first? Or will the developers decide that for us? Game on!

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