XCOM: Enemy Within Title Spotted

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XCOM‘s latest title The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is rolling out soon and now a glimmer of a potential new title has been spotted in the wild.  Via a South Korean chat board and also within the Steam database it appears to be a nod for a future title.  Though, not a lot of details are out there at this point, the new title XCOM: Enemy Within has been spotted in the wild.

xcom splash

When CVG approached 2K games about the topic of XCOM: Enemy Within, 2K only had the following to say:

A spokesperson for 2K games stated, “We’re looking forward to making an announcement on August 21”, but declined to comment further.

Certainly not much to go on at this point, however given the announcement date provided by 2K Games it would appear that whatever is working its way to public knowledge will be announced at Gamescom later in August.  However, XCOM fans shouldn’t worry themselves too much over this for it seems clear that plenty of XCOM action is here to stay. So, in the meantime, load up Enemy Unknown and get ready for The Bureau and blast away to your heart’s content until Gamescom is upon us and enlightens us further.

Source: CVG

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