BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea DLC Plasmids, Weapons, And More Teased

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Burial at Sea, BioShock Infinite’s recently announced single-player DLC, brings our favorite characters back to Rapture prior to everything going sideways in the most horrific ways possible. This has both excited and concerned fans of the BioShock franchise as it leaves a lot of possibilities open to players that will either make or break this story for the most die hard of die hard fans. So like any respectable mass of fans, everyone has taken to the internet, primarily Twitter, to ask questions of the legendary Ken Levine on what Burial at Sea has in store.

BioShock Infinite - DLC - Buried at Sea - Rapture

It all started with some innocent questions about getting to have some of BioShock’s original Plasmids to play with in this new reality of pre-fall Rapture. Mr. Levine put it plainly that none of the original Plasmids will return for Burial at Sea, but he did confirm that “some” new Plasmids/Vigors, weapons, gear, and/or enemies will show up in the two-part DLC. This doesn’t provide a lot of insight as to what Rapture truly holds in all of its glory, but this is typical of the BioShock universe and especially of Mr. Levine in giving away too many details before they are ready.

Just know that more news is definitely coming on this topic and with GAMESCOM and PAX Seattle just around the corner, there probably isn’t a long time to wait for details. We all want to take a trip to Rapture before it was torn apart by blood thirsty splicers and I have no doubt that the BioShock Infinite universe will be at play, so the possibilities are endless.

Source: Twitter – Ken Levine

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