The Doom That Came To Atlantic City Uncancelled

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Remember that really awesome board game we told you about a few days ago that Kickstarted its way to failure through its parent company?  Well good news for The Doom That Came To Atlantic City fans everywhere because Cryptozoic Entertainment has decided to pick up the project and produce the game.


In a recent post to the Cryptozoic Entertainment website, game creators at the Forking Path announced their new relationship with board game maker Cryptozoic Entertainment and the plans for the release of The Doom That Came to Atlantic City.

Ever since the Forking Path cancelled the Kickstarter, we creators have been trying to find other ways to resolve the situation. A number of companies reached out to us and offered to print Doom, but neither one of us felt good about selling the game unless you were taken care of first. Fortunately, Scott Gaeta of Cryptozoic Entertainment felt the same way. We’ve entered into an agreement with Cryptozoic that will finally bring Doom to life… and more important, it will get you the game that you ordered. Cryptozoic will be providing you with a copy of Doom free of charge – and retailers, you’ll get as many copies as you were due from your reward tier. While they can’t provide all of the rewards offered by The Forking Path, Cryptozoic is evaluating the tiers and considering possibilities. You’ll receive an email from Cryptozoic in a few days with more details.

So worry not Kickstarter fans and fans of The Doom That Came to Atlantic City as apparently this story ends well for all fans of board games alike.  Be sure to keep an eye on the Cryptozoic Entertainment website for details on the retail version of the game in the near future.

Source: Cryptozoic Entertainment

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