PlayStation 4 Details Subscription Free Party Chat, Apps, And More

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Hold on to your hats everyone as we have some more Playstation 4 updates for you!  I know things have been a little rough out there in the rumor mill, however Sony has finally come forward with a little more information that should make most fans (..and maybe even some haters) happy.  A recent video from Access PlayStation runs down a list of 1o items that have been keeping some of Sony’s most loyal fans up at night.

So, enjoy the vid and check out the details below:


 The Details:

  • The PS4 will have native Party Chat capabilities and it will be Free (In other words, you do not have to have PlayStation Plus to access and use for free to play games.)
  • You can have up to 2,000 friends on your friends list (Which is a case you are wondering..)
  • The PS4 will no longer support the Dual Shock 3 controller, however it will support the PlayStation Move (I don’t know why either, but in case you love your Move, this is good news.)
  • To play multiplayer games online with your friends you will need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus, however all apps, Party Chat, and free-to-play games will not require a subscription.
  • The console official color is “Jet Black” (Because I know you all really wanted to know that.)
  • And it’s smaller than the PlayStation 3 (Nuff said..)
  • Sony plans to support 3D gaming with the PlayStation 4 (More coming soon, they promised!)
  • The PS4 will have a 500 GB HD and can be swapped  (Boom)
  • The PS4 Camera is awesome and will “enhance game play” (They said it, not me.)
  • The XCross menu bar will become the center piece of the gaming display.
  • You can keep you PlayStation ID.

If you just counted to see if my list above is 10, it’s not (it goes all the way to 11!!), but still provides some insight we already knew and some new things to be excited about as launch day approaches.  As we learn more, we will bring it right here to you.

Source: AccessPlayStation

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