Future BioShock Infinite DLC Returns You To Rapture

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The first of BioShock Infinite’s long awaited three pieces of downloadable content is finally ready and goes straight on sale today, according to Irrational Games, and it is called Clash in the Clouds. It is a wave-based arena game that is designed to take advantage of the varied combat system that is present within BioShock Infinite. This, however, is not the most interesting piece of BioShock DLC related news today as Ken Levine has revealed that the second and third DLC instalments are set back in Rapture and will form a two-part detective story called Burial at Sea.

BioShock Infinite - DLC - Buried at Sea - Rapture

It is looking like the BioShock Infinite DLC was well worth the wait

Burial at Sea features Booker as a private detective and Elizabeth as a femme fatale and takes place on New Year’s Eve 1958, which BioShock fans will know as the event that marked the moment when Rapture began to fall apart. Ken Levine revealed a little bit more about Burial at Sea to give us a glimpse of what to expect:

“At the very beginning, you’re Booker, private detective in Rapture, in your office and this woman comes in, and you two don’t seem to know each other, and we don’t explain that. We always like to put people in a place where there’s a story that ends up making sense, but we don’t want the obvious… We like people immediately having a sense of wondering what’s going on.”

He also explained how Irrational tried to re-use as little content as possible from previous games:

“When we started this, we really tried to listen to the fans, and to us the fans were clearly saying to us, look, we want the A team on the DLC, we want the same team who did the actual game, we don’t want it to be stuff that’s on the disc, we don’t want it to be stuff that some marketing guy came in and said ‘leave that aside’.

“So basically the day we finished – literally, pretty much the day we finished Infinite, we went to work on the DLC, starting pretty much from scratch on the game content.”

It is such a relief that Irrational Games has finally revealed the long awaited DLC for BioShock Infinite and it is made even better by the fact that we will once again be returning to the fallen utopia that is Rapture. We let you know more about release dates for the rest of the DLC when we get it.

In the mean time, what do you make of this DLC announcement? Are you excited to go to Rapture but with Booker and Elizabeth? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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