Ubisoft’s The Crew Has Been In Development For Four Years

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Ubisoft has made a lot of head way over the years and especially so in the open world/shared world space, with titles spanning from Assassins Creed to the upcoming release of The Division.  The Crew on the other hand is Ubisoft’s attempt at expanding the driving/racing market with a title that can bring the best of all worlds of gaming.  Projects of this scope and magnitude don’t simply formulate over night. They take time and dedication to develop and The Crew demonstrates Ubisoft’s commitment with nearly a four-year development cycle.


“This game started over four years ago,” Ivory Tower creative director Julian Gerighty told Digital Trends in a recent interview.  “The game hasn’t changed, it’s just taken that long to get it working and working as well as we want it to be working. All of the concepts that we have here are concepts that the team has been working on for the last 10 years. The massive open world that’s shared with hundreds of other players? That’s something that the team did for Test Drive Unlimited, which was ahead of its time.”

Taking all of the talent from the Test Drive Unlimited team and focusing on a world where players can join different factions, complete different missions/races/etc, and simply support a massive world of drivers is nothing short of impressive.  Ubisoft certainly has the chops to deliver and they have done nothing, but produce gold in the open world market as of late and the upcoming titles only gives teeth to their E3 comments of “owning the open world market.”

The Crew is an upcoming open world racing video game co-developed by Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections and published by Ubisoft for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.  It is expected to release on February 26, 2014.

Source: Digital Trends

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