Lost Planet 3 Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

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Got to hand it to the folks over at Steam as they continue to come up with new and semi-creative (can also be read “annoying”) ways to get people to purchase content via their digital system.  Today, we take a look at the up and coming release of Lost Planet 3 and the three levels of pre-purchase “unlocks” that can be achieved by those who choose to throw down their hard-earned cash early.

Basically, Steam is attempting to create a “meta-game” out of pre-purchasing a game (Lost Planet 3 in this instance) where the more people pre-purchase the more free stuff the Steam community will get with their purchase. (If you didn’t notice, they did something similar with this summer’s Steam Sale with the “trading cards.”) So, how does it work?  Great question.  Steam hasn’t given any hints on how many people must pre-purchase for each “unlock” to release to the fan base, though the pre-purchase screen does have a progress bar so you can have a rough idea of how things are going and what unlocks are already yours to enjoy.

Unlock One:

lost planet 3 freedom fighter pack

Unlock Two:

lost planet 3 assault pack lost planet  3 punisher pack

Unlock Three:

lost planet 3 unlock 3

Good news is that the first unlock has already been reached and progress has been made against the second.  So, if you love the Lost Planet series, now is a great time to get to Steam and pre-purchase to help everyone else out there unlock the free loot.  And don’t worry, if you order before the unlocks are opened up, every unlock reached before launch will be applied retroactively to everyone who pre-purchased.

Source: Steam

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