Killzone: Mercenary Full Video Walkthrough Of First Mission

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There’s nothing overly interesting about this video walkthrough, but it’s cool if you want to check out the entire first mission of Killzone: Mercenary on the PS Vita. I haven’t played any Killzone games yet so I’m not familiar with the regular gameplay. Here are a few things that stood out to me while watching this video.


  • Take control of a duel-clawed drone and quietly puncture the heads of your enemies from both sides.
  • Cool homing missiles but I have no idea where they’re launching from. Your backpack?
  • Familiar but still really cool melee and stealth kills.
  • Shotgun with incendiary bullets, totally cool.
  • Enemy begging the player to finish him.
  • Extremely vast weapon selection.
  • Interesting hacking system.

I really love the touch-screen interaction with Vita games, it’s one of the big reasons I want one. The other is that it’s still the most impressive mobile gaming device I’ve seen when it comes to graphics.

Via: All Games Beta. Enjoy!

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