Dragon Age Inquisition Will Import Dragon Age 2 Decisions

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Dragon Age: InquisitionDragon Age Inquisition may be nearly a year away, but die-hard fans aren’t about to let up on the difficult questions for the BioWare production team who are knee-deep in the current production cycle.  During a panel discussion of BioWare team members at PAX Australia an interesting tidbit found its way into the open regarding the potential for decisions made in Dragon Age 2 to carry forward into the new title:

“We know what we want to do. It will absolutely come across, your decisions will carry [across], it will matter,” writer Cameron said when asked by a fan.

Cameron Lee and the rest of the BioWare team didn’t have much more to offer on the topic, but seemed content to share that their intention is to allow player decisions to move forward to Inquisition from Dragon Age 2 providing for a continuous story arch influenced by player decisions.  Love or hate the RPG gaming mechanic for what it is, this type of integration from title to title is almost always going to score well with the die-hard fans and elite dungeon runners who are looking for that common thread between titles.  Growing out of the decision-making mechanic, BioWare also confirmed that updates are in fact coming to the dialog tree system in Dragon Age Inquisition and other items such as player and/or companion statistics will also influence the conversations as they progress.

Dragon Age 2 didn’t exactly get all the love in the world, but with this latest bit of news gives the truly dedicated fans a reason to revisit the title and get their stats in order for when Dragon Age Inquisition drops in Q3 of 2014.

Source: GameSpot

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