Guess Who’s Back, This Guy!

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Let’s not get all weepy eyed and make a big deal out of things, but I’m back and ready to bring that fresh baked gaming news that you are all so used to getting from ZoKnowsGaming.


While I was out, I had some time to perfect my art of the spin and flare, so don’t worry your little heads about that.  But, what I do bring back is an increased drive to bring the gaming news to the masses (that’s you..) in the way that gamers (still talking about you, keep up..) want to get their news.  You know from gamers, that play games and actually provide our slightly unbiased opinion and aren’t afraid of a little discussion from time to time.

But enough small talk, let’s catch up:

Xbox One vs PS4:
Side by side the stats stack up that the PS4 is packing slightly more under the hood on hardware (which DOES matter..) and are giving the hardcore gamers love with everything they have in the box.  XBox/Microsoft, you’re on notice…

GTA 5 vs Saints Row IV:
Is it even fair to say that? Not really.  Get both, you’ll thank me later.  (But let the record show that it’s always good to be a Saint..)

Wii U: ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (sorry Nintendo..I tried..Mario Kart and Zelda are still cool though..promise..)

Steam Summer Sale:
Well, my credit card bill probably says it was another good season, but honestly I was less impressed than in previous years. 

Uh.. let’s see.. Assassins Creed, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, Splinter Cell, and the Division.. (do I really need to go any further?)

Still awesome..nuff said. 

I own an iPad, I’m hip to that.. (..Breach and Clear is actually pretty interesting..but Minion Rush destroys free time.. don’t judge..)

That should catch people up for now, but stay tuned and be on the look out for more content to troll or share!  Any way you cut it, I’m excited to be back on the ZoKnowsGaming team!

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Christopher Poirier
I started gaming when it was nothing more than green screens and clunky keyboards. Today, I play everything and anything that provides for a gaming experience. Good, bad, indifferent, and some times even ugly. I'm here to tell you whats up.