Battlelog Is Super Enhanced For Battlefield 4

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Battlelog for Battlefield 4 has received some awesome enhancements. One in particular has me confused though. The “Real-time loadout” allows you to switch your weapon loadout after you die from your mobile phone. Why? If I can change my loadout directly in-game while waiting to respawn, why is this a feature? Well, you can change your load-out on your way home, or while you are out doing whatever real life thing it is you’re doing. So that’s kind of neat.


I really like the Battlescreen feature that allows you to set up attack points for your friends or teammates directly from your tablet or phone. The newest feature that really stands out to me the most is being able to pick up your mobile device and browse the game servers, find out where your friends are, hit a button on your mobile device and get instantly taken from your current game to the new one you just picked. That is pretty dang cool.

Here are the new feature descriptions:

  • Anytime, Anywhere – Players can log into Battlelog and check out their stats, interact with friends and much more from their smartphone, tablet, browser or directly through their console.
  • Battlescreen – A coherent second-screen experience that allows players to highlight attack points on the mini map, keep track of squad members, and play as the team’s Commander. Every move made in Battlelog reflects directly back to the game in real-time.
  • Real-Time Loadouts – Gamers can now switch their weapons, change their load outs and check their progression at any time, all with real-time results in-game. Players can also select servers or even launch a match from their devices, making the transition between game sessions easier.
  • Missions – A brand-new feature that will allow players to custom create challenges for their friends to compete. Players can also be notified when their friends beat them at a challenge so they can go try to win their place back.
  • Geo Leaderboards –  Will allow players to not only compete with everyone in the Battlefield community, but with people in their city, in their country or on their continent.

Battlefield 4 sports the new Frostbite 3 engine and will be available October 29th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It will also join the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One libraries later on.

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