Xbox One Kinect Is Ten Times More Powerful Than Before

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The enhanced Kinect Bar that is going to be bundled with every one of Microsoft’s Xbox One console is one very powerful piece of kit, according to Rare’s Nick Burton. He was speaking at the recent Comic-Con International in San Diego where he revealed that the new Kinect is ten times more powerful than its predecessor, and is actually capable of tracking a finger-tip from three meters away. Hopefully this means the games will play better as your movements will be measured more accurately which was sometimes a problem with the current Kinect system.

XboxOne 399x400

The new Kinect is supposed to be better at registering movements than before

The information has appeared in an Xbox news post which sums up Microsoft’s key points and quotes from the Comic-Con event. In the post there is mention of ‘Kinect Sports Rivals’, which is Rare’s debut game on the Xbox One. Apparently the Kinect will be able to measure: “How hard you twist your wrist while revving the throttle of a jet ski affects its acceleration and your exact hand placement can mean the difference between success and failure in rock climbing.”

It all sounds intriguing but I would like to see how good the Kinect is with some more complex games. What do you think of the new Kinect? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.


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