Valve Responds To Developer Criticism Of Steam Greenlight

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The Steam Greenlight service has been beneficial to PC gaming for the most part but one developer disagreed and wrote a letter criticizing the service in its current form, calling for greater transparency about the Greenlight process and to bring in members of the indie community to help curate submissions amongst other things. Instead of ignoring the criticism like some people/companies would be tempted to, Valve has addressed concerns directly.


Steam Greenlight, giving Indie developers a way in…or is it?

Valve’s Tom Bui acknowledged that the service isn’t the best it could be at the moment but they are working to improve it. Read a selection of his comments below or view the full statement here:

“The primary problem right now is that we simply cannot ship as many games as we’d like.”

“What matters is that we give customers the chance to buy your games and let them vote with their dollars. We realise that we are failing in this regard and are working to fix it.”

“A lot of the changes we’ve been making are not that visible to those outside the system but what we’re basically trying to do is automate a lot of our processes and putting tools into the hands of the developers.”

“We are making improvements to Greenlight where we can, but right now we are focusing on what we can do to ship more games.”

It is good to see that Valve is looking to improve Steam Greenlight and there was always going to be problems that need ironing out before everything works perfectly. What improvements do you think Greenlight needs? Please let us know in the comments below.

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