Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Comes To PS3 [TRAILER]

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In light of the 15 year anniversary of the Hot Shots franchise, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational will be making the jump to the PS3 console at the solid price of 19.99 on July 23rd.  Not to fret if you already own it and the DLC on the PS Vita. Thanks to Cross-Play, the DLC will transfer over to the console version but no word yet on save files.  Cross- Play is becoming a quite the useful feature. While the PS4 is on the horizon, the demand for new titles and interactions for the PS3 is still relevant. Below you can see the debut trailer for the game.


In addition to making the jump to console, the game will feature Move support, called the Real Feel Shot. Real Feel Shot allows the player to use the move controller like a golf club for that perfect shot. It is features like this that help make Hot Shots stand out against other golfing titles on the PS3.  You do not have to love golf to actually enjoy this series and with it coming to consoles, now would be a great time for players who have not had the chance to play Hot Shots: World Invitational on PS Vita or any of the Hot Shots games, to jump into the franchise. The Hot Shots series has been a key part of the Sony gaming library for a while and is always worth a play.

Both versions of the game will be able to play online together, so get in gear to raise the ante in the online tournaments starting July 23, 2013 only on the PlayStation Network. Let us know in the comments below which Hot Shots title has been your favorite and why? Are you going to take advantage of a deal like this?

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