Sony: No Purchasable Consumable Buffs In Planetside 2

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Sony has backtracked on its plans to introduce purchasable consumable buffs into the MMO shooter Planetside 2 after fans of the game took to various threads in Reddit to air their displeasure at the proposed move (read some here). The president of Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley, wrote on Twitter this morning that the paid-for consumable buffs would be absent from a forthcoming update for the popular title and it must now be presumed that they are never going to make an appearance in the game at any point.

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The proposed plans were not well received by the Planetside 2 community

In a couple of consecutive tweets, Smedley acknowledged that Sony Online Entertainment had heard the complaints of the fans and were cancelling the unpopular feature:

The fans believed that the paid-for consumable buffs would cause problems for the in-game economy of Planetside 2 and would go against previous promises from Sony that the only paid-for items within the game would be purely cosmetic and not give any players a specific advantage. Planetside 2 creative director Matt Higby spoke about this issue with an interview with Shacknews last year:

“Anything that affects gameplay, such as grenades or medkits or implants that give you additional power within the game will be exclusively unlocked via [in-game] resources.”

It’s good to see developers and publishers listening to their fans instead of just implementing features regardless of fan perception. Planetside 2 is heading to the PS4 sometime in the future but is available on PC now.

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