The Rest In Peace Department (R.I.P.D.) Is Recruiting And Only Asks A $10 Registration Fee

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Everybody hates games based on movies right? Well, they can’t all be that bad. I actually liked the Avatar game. I played just a few minutes of R.I.P.D. at E3 and I thought it was pretty fun, as far as first impressions go. I’m just not a big co-op multiplayer gamer. I don’t play games like Left 4 Dead or Killing Floor. Don’t start throwing stones okay? If it makes you feel any better, I used to be more interested in co-op gameplay when I was in my early teens and even before the internet existed. I love playing games online, but I just don’t really care too much for co-op shooting games right now.

R.I.P.D. explosion

All that said, at $10 even I’m considering buying R.I.P.D.  I probably already would have if I wasn’t currently jobless. I can’t even buy all the $2-$5 games on my wishlist during this Steam Summer Sale! Yeah, that sucks. Anyways… much like the two very popular shooters I mentioned earlier, your goal in this game is to fend off waves of enemies. There is no Campaign mode. It released on July 16th and is available to buy on XBLA, PSN, and Steam.

The game features :

  • Film Authenticity: authentic environments, enemies, weaponry, effects and humor from the film.
  • 2-Player online co-op.
  • In-game betting system: put your in-game money where your mouth is and bet on who can capture the most enemies, who can stay standing the longest, and other challenges.
  • Random challenges will appear during each stage to allow players to test their mettle for extra gold pieces.

This actually reminds me of the days when I would spend hours with a single friend just blasting down enemies all day long. I kind of want it even more now. It certainly sounds and looks fun. And I like the stylized graphics.

You may be used to disappointing movie-based games, but at least treat yourself to the trailer. I think it’s pretty cool. I will buy this game eventually just to have a bit of fun. I’m really looking forward to the movie. Let me know what you guys think of this.

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Jeremy Reich

Jeremy Reich

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