Dishonored’s Final DLC Will Be A Real Witch Of A Time

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Make your return to Dunwall as Daud in Dishonored’s new add-on pack, The Brigmore Witches. The story continues as you discover the identity and intentions of Delilah, the leader of the Brigmore Witch coven, and ritualistic seeker of your doom. Having already been betrayed by your closest ally, in order to defeat Delilah you must rely on the help of two feuding gangs–the Dead Eels and the Hatters–to make your way through all new districts of Dunwall on your way to Delilah’s stronghold. Whether or not you complete your mission, Corvo Attano is hot on your trail and you will answer for your treachery.

The Brigmore Witches_Gravehounds

The Brigmore Witches introduces new powers:

  • Pull: quickly draw enemies towards you and suspend them in the air, or use them as a human shield.
  • Summon Assassin: call upon the Whalers to assist in combat.
  • Void Gaze: track down hidden runes and bone charms.

You’ll also use new weapons:

  • Chokedust to daze your enemies.
  • Stun Mines that shock your target.
  • Wristbow stealthily shooting sleep and exploding darts.

And you will return to Coldridge Prison while also visiting new locations in:

  • The streets of Drapers Ward.
  • Hazardous sewers of two rival gangs’ home bases.
  • Textile mills.
  • Boat docks.
  • And finally the Brigmore Manor itself.

Sounds pretty awesome. If you’ve already completed The Knife of Dunwall, your powers, weapon and item upgrades, Chaos level and player actions will carry over into this add-on pack. Cool deal. Arkane Studios gives us The Brigmore Witches worldwide on August 13, 2013 (PS3 in Europe on August 14) for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC for $9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points.

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