Saints Row IV’s Big Brother Is Monitoring You Right Now (New Website)

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Yesterday, Deep Silver and Future US launched the Saints Row IV government institute, One Nation Under Wub. The official site of the United Saints of America.


Some of the sites features include:

  • Voting Legislation – vote on laws like clothing optional supermarkets, new government bureaus of party management, and Saints Row characters as UN Ambassadors
  • Steelport Scanner – keep up with the latest Steeport criminal activity such as a 60-year-old man in a leopard print speedo robbing a convenience store with a 25 lb. sex toy
  • DMV Registration – upload a picture to get your identification card and wreak havoc in Steelport
  • Gun Registration – register your souped up weapon

U.S. Presidents will be deploying their weapons of mass destruction in Saints Row IV on August 20th on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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Jeremy Reich

Jeremy Reich

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