PlayStation 3 Has Launched Free “VidZone” App In US For Streaming Music Videos!

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Chris Mahoney, Director of Home Business Management at PlayStation says that gamers are passionate about music. Are they? I’m not, but I still think this is a pretty awesome new feature, although I’d be surprised if I actually use it. VidZone is free so it will be supported by advertisements of course. Now, if they start streaming every video game trailer, then I’ll be excited.


With VidZone you can look forward to:

  • Music supported by major industry labels and more than 7,500 independent labels. That sure is a lot to start with.
  • Browsing a huge catalogue of music videos and compiling personalized video playlists. There’s no limit to how many playlists can be created. Nice.
  • Watch VidZone TV channels based on personal musical taste, including ‘Hip Hop TV,’ ‘80’s Party TV,’ ‘Rock Legends TV,’ and more. Cool.
  • Choosing from a huge selection of genre based ‘Zones,’ including ‘Hip-Hop Zone,’ ‘Pop Zone,’ and ‘Rock Zone,’ to find music for every mood or preference. You can also store your favorite music videos in your very own personal library, ‘My Zone.’ Also cool.
  • Sharing favorite music videos via Facebook or to other VidZone app users. Super cool.
  • Regular updates to give you access to the latest music videos and a wide variety of all-time classics. Yeah, keep em comin!

That’s not all. Check this out. You can create a random generated station based on your favorite artists, just like Pandora or Slacker Radio for example! Impressive, they thought of everything. Go check it out! And please let me know what you think of it.

VidZone just launched earlier today and is available to use right now. You can install the VidZone app directly from the TV/Video Services category on the XMB, or you can also find the app on the PlayStation Store under the Media & Apps category.

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