Verizon Wireless Leak Shows VZ Edge Strategy, Allowing For Quicker Upgrades

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We all know how painful it is to wait damn near 24 months before you can upgrade your smartphone. With smartphone technology moving so fast, your device is likely outdated within the first two months of you purchasing it. And yes, that sucks! Fortunately, T-Mobile has launch a new program that’s designed to rid you of that old device, while also allowing you to upgrade your smartphone twice a year. And as you would expect, another carrier has already had information leak on its’ new strategy.

Today Droid-Life revealed a leaked training slide that showed Verizon Wireless’ upcoming initiative for upgrades – VZ Edge. Droid-Life states,

In an training slide detailing the new plan, we can see that Verizon is offering up VZ Edge as a way for customers to avoid signing contracts and upgrade fees, while remaining on the “best network” and with the latest devices. All of the specifics are not yet available, but this slide does mention that if customers are on the previously mentioned monthly payment plan, that they can upgrade to a new device at any time once they have paid off 50% of their current phone. The document doesn’t say specifically, but we would assume that this new VZ Edge plan is for those who participate in the device payment plan only.


While no pricing details were given in the leak, we do see a launch date for August 25th. Whether or not that date remains or this new strategy comes to fruition is anyone’s guess. However, if true, this should offer subscribers a great way to stay current with their device, and be on a very dependable network.

What do you think about this? Excited about the possibilities? Or thinking there’s some catch? Let us know!

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