Super Street Fighter IV Just Became Even More Super By Going Ultra [TRAILER]

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Capcom has announced Ultra Street Fighter IV. There is no official release date yet, but they hope to get it out in early 2014. Owners of either Super Street Fighter IV or SSFIV Arcade Edition will be able to download the new Ultra version for just $15 and it will keep all your current data intact. The stand-alone price will be $40 and include all DLC costumes to date as well as future content that’s still to be discussed.

Ultra Street Fighter IV boasts:

  • Brand new modes and features.
  • Five “all new” characters: the massive Hugo, the stripper-cop Poison, the flexible Elena, staff-wielding Rolento, and a still un-revealed mysterious character.
  • New Battlegrounds.
  • Completely re-balanced gameplay based on fan feedback!


Wait, what? These aren’t new characters. But apparently because they’re new to the Super Street Fighter IV title, that’s how they justify them as “new” characters. I think it’s silly.

The re-balancing of the game based on player feedback sounds cool. They used feedback from the top players in Japan and the US alongside the rest of the fan base to decide on how to balance the game. A few balance changes include:

  • Chun-Li will have more knock down opportunities.
  • Balrog has a further reach, and lower charge time for his Turn Around Punch.
  • Dudley has a larger hitbox for attacks.
  • Thawk no longer requires grabs to do his best damage, and walks faster.

And that’s just the beginning. Check out all the revealed balance changes at Capcom Unity.

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