Murdered: Soul Suspect E3 2013 25 Minute Walkthrough Gameplay Preview Fully Detailed

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Senior Design Producer of Airtight Games, Eric Studer takes us through the gameplay video of Murdered: Soul Suspect, showing us what we have to look forward to. The game murdered at E3 2013 with the reception of 11 awards and 28 nominations. I love the concept so far and the graphics are gorgeous. This is an investigation game that reminds me just a little bit of Heavy Rain. You play as a dead cop, Ronan O’Connor and start the game off by investigating your own murder. The game takes place in Salem, Massachusetts because Salem “has a very rich and super-natural history” according to Studer. He also feels it has the perfect aesthetic settings for the events that will occur in the game.


Gameplay Elements

Text pops up on the screen telling you Ronan’s mission. I really love the style of it. It makes it look like I’ll be playing inside of a cinematic story-book. “Dusk” is the solid essence of the limbo world in which Ronan is stuck. Dusk is what Ronan physically interacts with in limbo, while he cannot physically interact with anything in the real world.  You also come across glowing “graffiti” that can reveal more information about the other spirits in the world. These insights can lead to side-quests.

Ronan has special abilities allowing him to:

  • Posses people and read their minds.
  • Possess people in order to hear conversations in the real world.
  • Unlock cinematic memories from memory residue.

Studer explained that the demons you battle will be incredibly strong. They want the combat to be focused on strategy, forcing the player to always be engaged and thinking.


While Ronan can pass through people, cars, and objects in the real world, he can’t enter buildings in Salem by walking through the walls. The citizens of the town have christened their homes, blocking off spirits (or else this game would have been really easy). So, he has to look for an opportunity that allows him in. For example, in the video we witness him follow a police offer through an open door. Now for the cool part. Once you’re inside a building, you can pass through walls between rooms. The barrier is only for the outside of the building.

Like Studer said, the atmosphere looks absolutely amazing. I really can’t wait to immerse myself into this game.  The way the gameplay looks is blowing my mind. I’ve never see anything like it.

This unique, and incredible looking game will be available early 2014 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC! Brought to us by Square Enix.

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