Microsoft Announces Major Reorganization, Xbox One OS And Hardware To Be Handled Separately

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It’s time to roll out! Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer is pushing his company to keep on their toes in this “fast changing world”. What does that entail? Restructuring of course! With no mention of layoffs, this is a grander scale of making the company operate more efficiently, with a major focus on knowing what each team member is doing but while still having their own goals. “One experience, one company, one set of learnings, one set of apps, and one personal library of entertainment, photos and information everywhere. One store for everything.” I like it. It’s really related to business, not gaming specifically, but will obviously have an affect on their gaming products. I finally understand the stupid Xbox One name.


The opening statement of the memo to employee’s might be eye-opening to gamers that keep fighting the times that we are actually living in. Always online. That’s right. The opening memo acknowledges that in the times we live in now, people are always connected. I agree with the sentiments from the memo. The connection that billions of people around the world have with each other online is how most people live their daily lives. Ballmer wants to ensure that as we continue living in this always online era, that the products they supply their customers continue to be easy to use. Here is his plan laid out:

  • A business model based on partner and first-party devices with both consumer and enterprise services
  • Optimization for activities people value most
  • A family of devices powered by a service-enabled shell
  • Design for enterprise extensibility and enterprise needs


Microsoft Moving Forward

Innovation is the next focus. Ballmer addresses the casual use of cloud technology for people as a pastime. He also addresses the more serious users, the people that rely on it for business or their daily lives. He wants to make sure that not only can they continue to do that, but they will be able to do it well. The idea I get is that he wants to merge the two, hardcore and casual, making everything simpler for both combined. Again, I like it. I still can’t help but be amazed with how easy things are for us already, we still want and need them to be simpler. Don’t get me wrong, some interfaces are tough and annoying to work with so I do love where all of this is going. Terry Myerson, formerly head of Windows Phone, will head the Operating System unit, which includes the Xbox One’s core functions, while Julie Larson-Green is now in charge of hardware (Devices and Studios), which includes the Xbox One’s other components. Separating things like this is risky but if they can finally start to communicate internally this might all be for the better.

He goes into detail on these key notes:

  • Reinventing expression and documents.
  • Next-generation decision-making and task completion.
  • Social communication (meetings, events, gathering, sharing and communicating).
  • Serious fun.

The last one is my favorite of course. The details are in the memo, but those sum it up.

We have delivered many great products and had much success in market, but we all want more.

I found the memo to be pretty inspiring. I want to work for him now!

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