PAYDAY 2 Collector’s Edition Detailed, New Trailer Released

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In the video below David Goldfarb, game director, walks us through what makes Payday 2 different from the first game, and other shooters. He notes that its more an RPG and then explains that you can customize your weapons and masks and that there are also four different customize-able professions. Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains make their return from the first game as the playable characters.

payday-2-logo-box-art-1In addition to the previously announced PAYDAY 2 Lootbag DLC pre-order that includes:

  • a military red dot weapon sight for all rifles and shotguns
  • some in-game cash
  • a skull mask, a black and red mask, and mask that says ‘I Love OVERKILL!’

There will now be a PAYDAY 2 Collector’s Edition available at North American retail outlets for Xbox 360 and PS3, priced at $59.99, which includes:

  • Full Game
  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • $100 bill wallet
  • Soundtrack CD

No announcement for PC yet.

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