Best Buy Accidentally Sold Metro Last Light For One Cent

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I don’t remember when exactly, as I have a terrible memory, but Nvidia recently announced they would be giving away copies of Metro Last Light with the purchase of one of three different video cards. Best Buy pulled an “oops” though and put the free game in their regular marketplace for one penny. I assumed the one penny was meant as a regular credit check because the game itself was labeled as “free”, with the purchase of a video card obviously.BestBuyLogo

After Best Buy was notified of the error, they started to cancel the orders. I find it hilarious how upset people have gotten over the fact that their orders got cancelled. The price was an obvious error. Best Buy’s Facebook comments blew up with angry “customers”. I quote that because they aren’t really customers. Anybody that complains about not being able to basically rip-off a company is not a customer in my opinion.

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Of course I snagged my copy, before going to Best Buy’s Facebook page and reporting the error. Why? Why would I do such a thing? What an a-hole! Well, because I’m an honest person. “But you got the game for a penny!” I imagine you retorting in anger. Of course I did. It was an honest error, and I paid an honest penny for it. Was I trying to stop others from getting the same deal? No. Not at all. Before I reported it I had already shared it with friends and the public who view my personal Facebook gaming page. I’m sure thousands of people got their copy for a penny. There was plenty of time to purchase this obviously wrongly priced product. You have no right to be angry that you didn’t get your order fulfilled in my opinion. And no, I would not be crying if I didn’t get the game myself. I would think “dang I missed out”, but I wouldn’t scream and shout and demand my game for a penny or even a refund for that matter, that’s for sure.

People are demanding Best Buy to honor their mistake because “Razer did in the past!” The difference is, Razer was already offering a discount, they just made the discount higher than they meant to. So I doubt they really cared that much. Yes, it was an obvious mistake, but in that case they were going to sell the product cheaper in the first place.

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