The 2013 Steam Summer Getaway Sale Is Here!

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It is the time of the year that PC gamers look forward to the most as Steam has launched its 2013 Summer Getaway Sale which contains massive discounts for a staggering amount of games for the PC, MAC and Linux with some titles having up to 75% off. As of right now you could take advantage of some great deals including BioShock Infinite, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Grid 2, Saints Row: The Third along with many others.

bioshock infinite art 2 550x343

BioShock Infinite is just one game that you can get cheap in the 2013 Steam Summer Getaway Sale 

There are a few different ways to save as there is going to be various Daily Deals launching over the next 11 days while you can also take advantage of ‘flash sales’ with a new set of titles being discounted for eight hours. Steam also announced that this is the first time that buying the discounted titles will earn you some Trading Cards with an exclusive set of 10 Summer Getaway Trading Cards only being available during the sale.

The 2013 Steam Summer Getaway Sale runs until July 22nd and you can find out more about the various deals and more on the Steam website here.


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