Goodwood Hill Climb To Appear In Gran Turismo 6

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In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has announced that there will be a brand new track based on the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed that is going to be included in Gran Turismo 6. The track is the famous Hill Climb course that is very well known to motor racing fans worldwide and it is the main attraction in the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed that takes place on the huge Goodwood Estate in West Sussex, UK.

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The course will be available to all in the final Gran Turismo 6 game

For those of you who don’t know of the circuit, the Goodwood website gives it the description you can read below:

“This challenging white-knuckled 1.16-mile course starts as a tree-lined run through the southern corner of the Goodwood Estate which then turns to sweep past the front of Goodwood House before climbing a steep and narrow Estate road bordered by flint walls and dense woodland groves towards Goodwood’s equine racecourse on top of the magnificent South Downs.”

There is also going to be a special Gran Turismo 6 demo featuring the Hill Climb track but unfortunately the demo will only be available to play at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (which is happening between July 11-14) and there are no plans as of yet to bring it to a wider audience. Until then, you can console yourself by playing the GT6 demo that is currently available on the PS Store until the full game is released in November.

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