PlayStation 4 Digital Library Lets You Take Your Games Everywhere

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Neil Brown, Sony’s R&D team leader spoke at Develop and outlined the plans for accessing your PlayStation 4 games at your friends or relatives house, just by logging into your account on their system and accessing your digital library.

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Powered by Gaikai’s cloud platform, the PS4 will allow gamers to play their games while they download. This should make it much less aggravating when you want to play at a friend’s house. I’m not sure about you, but this is a pretty big deal to me. Almost every time I’m in the mood to play a game, I usually lose that mood before the download and installation is even halfway done.

Neil didn’t actually mention Gaikai. Nobody has lately. But being a very enthusiastic user of OnLive, I follow cloud gaming very closely. I’m sure most of you remember Sony bought Gaikai for its cloud-gaming features several months ago. A lot of the features boasted by the PS4 are powered by the Gaikai system, and straight up copied from the awesome OnLive platform which I think is wonderful.

Source: Official PlayStation Magazine via Pixel Enemy

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