Grand Theft Auto V’s Improved Gameplay Mechanics Detailed

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The first noticeable thing for me in Grand Theft Auto V is being able to walk or run without having to aim down the iron-sights to be more accurate. I know, I know, a lot of gamers prefer having to use the iron-sights. But I like my games to be arcadey. There’s a difference between being forced into iron-sighting and having the option to use them. And I think if you prefer iron-sight targeting, this decision should not upset you. If you think people are “noobs” for it, I think you are wrong. It’s all about gameplay preference. I have more fun being able to move and shoot without iron-sights, that is all. I was kind of upset with the more realistic shooting mechanics Borderlands 2 had decided to go with.

Speaking with GameInformer, Phil Hooker had this to say on the subject:

“We wanted shooting to feel more precise and satisfying while supporting multiple styles of play. The controls have been expanded, so now in addition to traditional left trigger ‘down the sights’ aiming, you can also both run and shoot comfortably while only using the right trigger. This retains the benefits of seeing your character from the third-person view while keeping the feel much closer to the range of motion and shooting precision you have in a first-person shooter. It also opens up opportunities for players to develop their skills in both single-player and multiplayer, as the more accurate you are while moving quickly the greater your advantage.”


An enhancement is that if you engage in combat, your character will make a natural transition from walking, to jogging, giving more mobility as you blast away. You’ll revert back to a normal walk when you exit combat. Now that I think about it, I definitely like that. I didn’t realize so many games don’t do this until I read this. Also, each characters personalities is supposed to have an affect on the way they carry and use guns. That is pretty cool. The gunplay is influenced by all of Rockstar’s games as can be expected, with GTA’s at its core. The plan is for the combat to be more dynamic.

Interestingly, the game will have a few different targeting systems available for players to pick from. Assisted aiming, traditional GTA, and free aim. Another refinement is that every aim mode has a timer that breaks locks; you can’t rely on holding the trigger until your target is dead. I’m confused by that, I have no idea what it means. Also noted is a much more seamless cover system. I look forward to that. I love cover systems, but they usually feel pretty clunky.

Lots of new weapon customizations will be available in the forms of: extended clips that allow you to fire more ammo between reloads, grips to improve your accuracy, weapon tints to color your guns, flashlights, scopes, and suppressors. Up until this point, I’ve never been a big fan of the GTA series. I wasn’t following the stories until I was about to write one. Now I want this game. It’s sounding pretty spectacular.

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