“The Champions Bundle” DLC Announced For Halo 4

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Halo 4 is getting some new downloadable content it has been revealed by 343 Industries at the Rooster Teeth Expo livestream and it will be called the Champions Bundle. The new content will be available on August 20th so keep reading to find out precisely what you can get for your MS Points. First up is the “Bullseye Pack” which is made up of two new maps, Vertigo and Pitfall, the latter of which is a remake of a Halo 3 map called The Pit. Also included is a variation of Grifball, which is known as Ricochet and sees two teams of 5 fighting for possession of a ball while also scoring points. A sports-themed set of Spartan armor is the last piece of this DLC pack.

Halo 4 The Champions Bundle 550x309

This is a game of Ricochet being played on the Pitfall map

Following on from this is the “Infinity Armor Pack” that consists of the Mark V armor from the original Halo game and the Forerunner armor, which is known for being used by the Prefects. Last but certainly not least is the “Steel Skin Pack” and with it users will gain access to some steampunk-style aesthetics for various loadouts including the UNSC, Covenant and Forerunner weaponry. It is worth noting that the Champions Bundle is not included in the Halo 4 War Games Map Pass and will have to be bought separately for 800 MS Points from August 20th.

Are you looking forward to the Champions Bundle? Do you think it should have been included in the Halo 4 War Games Map Pass? Please let us know in the comments below.


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