PlayRoom AR Game To Come Bundled With Every PS4

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I’m finding it hard to be impressed by this with the little I’ve seen. I definitely love the concept though. However, this isn’t new to me. We’ve already had motion controls with the regular PS3 controller in games like Heavy Rain where you tilt it left or right, or shake it to interact with the gameplay on-screen. Obviously they plan to improve on all aspects. I really do like the touch screen interaction on the PS4 controller.


Features boasted:

  • Light Bar: This is tracked by the PlayStation Camera to create interactive on-screen effects, such as holographic panels that hover around you.
  • Motion Sensor and improved dual motors: Once your robot helper, Asobi, has beamed some AR Bots into your DualShock 4 wireless controller, you can rock it in your hands to feel them tumbling around inside. Or you can swing and sway your DualShock 4 wireless controller in a game of holographic Air Hockey, where you can stretch, twist and bend the board to gain the upper hand.
  • Touch Pad: Used for scrolling and interacting with the various augmented reality menus. You can also use this to flick objects out of the DualShock 4 wireless controller for the loveable AR Bots to play with.

I wasn’t too impressed by the video. But I’m more of the “hardcore gamer” and the cutesy stuff just doesn’t draw me in. I love the features though and definitely look forward to them.

The optional $60 PlayStation Camera is required in order to use PlayRoom.

Source: Gamespot

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