Mechwarrior Online Launch Date Locked And Loaded

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You’ve probably already played Hawken by now. It’s a great game for an FPS action shooter inside a Mech. Mechwarrior Online offers a different style that you might be more interested in if you prefer the simulation type of games.


This free-to-play game is now set for an official launch on September 17th.  In preparation for their upcoming launch, Piranha Games wanted to share some interesting and crazy fun statistics of the Open Beta.

Since the launch of Open Beta, players have spent more than 9.6 million hours or 1100 years playing MechWarrior Online, resulting in the annihilation of more than 46,941,487 Mechs. These loyal fans have lovingly destroyed 3 billion tons of metal on the battlefield, which is 8,359 Empire State Buildings, resulting in devastating carnage across the Inner Sphere, MechWarrior-style. Stacked end to end, these destroyed Mechs would reach to the moon and back 1,221 times. The total cost of this damage is a staggering 18,316,519,465 C-bills.

As far as the economy of the Inner Sphere, the MechWarrior Online player base has earned a whopping 10.1 trillion C-Bills. By comparison, the U.S. GDP is 14.99 trillion USD. The Inner Sphere fires far more missiles than the U.S., however, as 12,623,214,618 missiles have been fired since Open Beta.

This month alone the amount of lasers fired by pilots is a “mere” 2,451,270,519, but who said that Mech power can’t be used for good? That’s enough raw energy to power 87 million homes for one month.

Those are some pretty impressive stats!


You can already jump into the Mech simulation fun right now. Register for free at their website and join the chaos.

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