Puppeteer Demo Available Now… In Japan

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As we approach the final few months of the PlayStation 3’s life as the flagship Sony console, one of the more interesting games heading our way is Sony Japan’s Puppeteer. Looking like a cross between Little Big Planet and Black Knight Sword, it has impressed ever since its unveiling at last year’s Gamescom event. Gamers in Japan can currently test out the game in a limited tutorial demo, but a fully fledged game demo is coming to Europe (and hopefully North America) before the game’s launch in September.

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Gavin Moore, an art director for Sony Worldwide Studios, took to the Official EU PlayStation Blog recently to explain that the ‘Puppeteer Rehearsal Edition’ demo is slated to be a Japan-only release. He explained; “The Rehearsal Edition is not a traditional game demo but rather a uniquely regional way to introduce the world of Puppeteer. The brief interactive stage specially designed for this concept gives Japanese gamers a peek behind the curtain at the cast of Puppeteer as they prepare for the ‘big show’. The characters can be seen busily rehearsing while the crew puts together the elaborate set pieces to be used in the bunraku – or ‘puppet theatre’ – that serves as the game’s setting.”

If you don’t have Japanese PlayStation account set up however then don’t worry, as Moore also explained that a more in-depth demo would be heading westwards. So far only a European release has been mentioned for the demo, however it would be a big surprise if it didn’t also make its way to other territories. As the game launches on September 11th in Europe, hopefully we can expect the demo at some point within the next couple of months.

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