Report: Google Developing A Video Game Console

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In what has to definitely be considered as a surprise, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is developing a video game console powered by its flagship Android operating system. In addition, the WSJ is reporting that Google is also developing a wristwatch that will connect to your Android phone. The second revelation about the wristwatch isn’t as much of a surprise as the smartwatch race has been on for some time.

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The Wall Street Journal’s Amir Efrati says that his sources have revealed that  Google not only plans to design and market the devices themselves but that they plan to release at least one of the devices in Fall 2013. The report goes on to indicate that Google was motivated to go this route in part due to Apple adding a considerable gaming element to the next generation of its Apple TV device, as well as the excitement over the Android-powered Ouya console which recently released.

I’m not sure what level of gaming console Google is planning to release but ultimately the success of that console would probably depend on just how much muscle they are planning to put behind it. The truth is that real gamers are picky and just because you have the name recognition that a Google or Apple has doesn’t mean that you automatically get sign off. There is a major battle going on right now for the centerpiece of every gamers living room and with the serious heat that Sony and Microsoft are bringing with their next-gen consoles I don’t think Google can compete with those right now. Gamers have proven that while they are willing to take a look at new alternatives like the Ouya, they still prefer one of the big three as their primary gaming console and I think that will continue to be true. Now to be fair, Microsoft wasn’t always a huge name in gaming but they made a conscious decision over a decade ago now to go all in because they saw the Xbox as their way to the center of the living room. Microsoft has so far executed on that on strategy and I guess we’ll find out over the next few months just how serious Google is about this.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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