Gigabit Squared Ultra-High-Speed Fiber Network Coming To Seattle, 1Gbps For Just $80

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Whenever another company can stick it to the big cable companies, I love it. And this news just rings my bell. Today Gigabit Squared unveiled their plans for their ultra-high-speed fiber network in the Seattle area – a network that will launch in 2014. With this upgrade over the current options, Seattle customers will soon have broadband speeds that are “50 to 1,000 times faster than typical cable modem or DSL Internet access services.”


Mark Ansboury, president of Gigabit Squared stated, “We are excited about the limitless possibilities our network can bring to the residents located in these areas and are confident that the affordability and high speed performance of our fiber network will be well received. We will be providing our customers with significantly greater speed and accessibility than what’s out there today for about the same price…a true value. This will be backed by a level of customer service that will surpass anything anyone has ever experienced before.”

So how will this all breakdown? Initially, neighborhoods located within the “West Campus District, First Hill, Capitol Hill and Central Area of Seattle” will have access as part of a “program called Gigabit Seattle.” The pricing structure will go as follows:

Gigabit Squared’s simplified fiber network pricing plans for Seattle will be structured as follows:

1) Installation Charge: Installation charges will be waived for customers signing a one-year contract for 100 Mbps service or greater. Otherwise, a $350 installation fee is required.

2) Service Plan Options:

Plan A:
5 Mbps download/1 Mbps upload: No charge for 60 months
5/1 Mbps services are transferrable to new renters or owners
After 60 months renters or owners can convert to a 10 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload service plan for only $10 per month

Plan B:
100 Mbps download/100 Mbps upload for $45 per month
No installation charge with one- year contract

Plan C:
1000 download/1000 upload Mbps for $80 per month
No installation charge with one-year contract

If you’re not excited about this, I’ll be excited for you. I’m only hoping that a service like this is launched in my area pretty soon. For those in the Seattle area that are interested (all of you), sign up for the service will start sometime next month.

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