Xbox One Will Require That You Connect It To The Internet At Least Once

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The new Xbox One policies may now not require you to check-in via the Internet at least once a day but when you start up your Xbox One for the first time you will have to download an initial update. Microsoft is stressing that this is not as a result of the DRM changes and was in fact always required and is needed in order to play offline, along with other features.

xbox one 550x309

You could potentially never go online again with your Xbox One after this initial update

Once you have completed this initial connection to the Internet you can then, in theory, keep your console offline and play games on it without ever re-connecting to the Internet again. Microsoft also stressed that this update was not ‘a day one patch’ and is actually necessary in order to “complete some of the software that won’t be there”

So there you go. Microsoft’s new DRM policy concerning the Xbox One is clearer but will it pay off for them or will Sony and the PlayStation 4 still hold the upper hand? Please tell us what you think in the comments below.


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