New Video Shows PS4 Ability To Download Multiplayer First, Then Single Player…COD Anyone?

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Amongst the great new features that will be part of the PlayStation 4 experience, one of the most anticipated is the option to start playing a game whilst it is still downloading. One of the biggest headaches when purchasing a game online right now is that annoying wait that can be several hours depending on your internet connection and the size of the download.

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During the PS4 reveal event back in February it was announced that this wait would be a thing of the past, as the PS4 will allow you to download the parts of the game required to start playing nearly instantly, for example the first level and tutorial. As you would likely not reach the last level of a game for several hours, this enables that part of the download to be handled later on, while you are still playing the game.

If that piece of genius isn’t enough for you, a recent video released by Sony and shown below, indicates that you will also have the option on certain games whether to download the single player or multiplayer element of a game first. In the example from the video, a guy taunts his friend into playing Killzone: Shadow Fall with him, which he then downloads but opts to download multiplayer first. All very cool stuff, and just the kind of innovation we want to see more of on this next generation of consoles. The video also shows off the ability to watch other players live gaming and clips they have uploaded, as also discussed back in February.

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