Microsoft: New Xbox One Policies Come At A Cost

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The announcement by Microsoft that they were almost completely reversing a set of policies that had been despised by gamers came as good news to those who strongly disagreed with them but apparently it will come at a price, according to Marc Whitten, the corporate vice president of Xbox Live. The unpopular policies in question were required online checks and limiting the resale and use of used games.

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Should Microsoft have stuck to its guns with the Xbox One’s policies?

The Xbox One second-hand game policy in its current form is now identical to the Xbox 360 with users not needing to check in via the Internet in order to play offline single-player games. Microsoft also stated that its Xbox One games would be region free, which is something that wasn’t present in the Xbox 360 and affords gamers more freedom with which to buy their games.

As mentioned earlier Whitten did say that this new Xbox One policy would come at cost and that is the loss is the ability to share a game library among up to 10 family members, the ability to roam, going into a friend’s house without a copy of your game, downloading it from the cloud to play, and now needing a physical copy of the disc in the console to play.

Microsoft still hopes to use digital and cloud-based gaming one day but apparently that day is not any time soon. What do you think about the lack of cloud-based gaming and other Xbox One policies that no longer exist? Should Microsoft have stuck to its guns with the Xbox One’s policies? Please tell us in the comments below.

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