Mario Golf: World Tour Delayed Into 2014

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The E3 Nintendo Direct conference this year mainly focused on the Wii U, with the 3DS left to a few cameo appearances when games like Pokemon X/Y and Smash Bros were mentioned. The reason for this wasn’t that Nintendo have forgotten about their handheld machine however, it’s rather that previous Nintendo Directs have shown so many new games that their didn’t seem much left to tell us about.

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One of those games Nintendo first announced earlier this year was Mario Golf: World Tour, the next in the very popular series of sports developed by Camelot. Initially the game was scheduled to be launched this summer but Nintendo have now confirmed that it has slipped to a 2014 release. This new date will see Mario Golf: World Tour joining Smash Bros 3DS and Yoshi’s New Island as the flag-bearers for Nintendo’s handheld output for next year. The game has some very interesting sounding online options so it will be a tough wait until next year; at least Nintendo still has a healthy games line-up for 2013.

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