Sony Computer Entertainment: PlayStation 4 “Demand May Outstrip Supply”

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After a very well received display at this E3 this week, the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment is now warning that “demand may outstrip supply” with internal sales projections being raised although there were no concrete figures on offer that could back up the claim. Sony can point to the cheaper price than the Xbox One, the lack of 24-hour check-ins and the favourable policy regarding used games as reasons why the initial outlook for the PlayStation 4 has improved.

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Will the PlayStation 4 sell out at launch? 

SCE UK MD Fergal Gara said that the company isn’t “in mass manufacture right now” although he is confident that there will be significant stocks of the console for the UK. SCEA boss Jack Tretton told the Wall Street Journal that GameStop executives had informed him the retailer would purchase “every single [PS4] unit” Sony can manufacture and that they were “excited about the momentum.”

Are you looking forward to the PS4 and what the think of the way Sony addressed the controversial issues regarding price and used games? Please tell us your opinion in the comments below.


Alex Elliott

Senior Writer at ZoKnowsGaming
I'm a big gaming fan who has been playing games since ever since Pokemon Yellow was released in the year 2000. I'm just glad that there are decent rugby games on the PS3 now after years of nothing. I need another Uncharted game...NOW!!!!!