EA: Online Passes Are “Not Coming Back. It’s Dead.”

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Online passes were never popular with gamers who felt that they were unfair and weren’t worth the cost you had to pay for them but good news came out of E3 this week when EA labels president Frank Gibeau confirmed that the company would no longer be using the controversial measure. In an interview with Joystiq at E3, Gibeau stated that online passes are “dead, it’s deep-sixed, it’s at the bottom of the Mariana Trench” but said that this was not as a result of Xbox One’s digital rights management system.

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Online passes are a thing of the past in EA games 

At one point Gibeau referred to the online pass program as “flat out dumb” and acknowledged its unpopularity with the gaming community. “The amount of money that we made”, said Gibeau, ”…didn’t replace the amount of frustration we put on our customers and it didn’t offset the reputation damage it caused the company. So we said ‘it’s not worth it’”. He argued that DLC is a way to make money from ‘legitimate’ customers who have purchased a game, citing FIFA’s Ultimate Team as an example.

I’m glad that EA has dropped the online passes policy, as it is one reason why I never got one of the games used which employed that feature. Are you happy that EA won’t be using online passes anymore? Please tell us what you think in the comments below.


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