Xbox Live Gold Members To Get Two Free Games Per Month

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Good news for subscribers to the Xbox Live Gold service in that they would be receiving free games every month and this information was revealed during Microsoft’s E3 2013 conference. The millions of subscribers will be able to download both Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed 2 from July 1st with various freebies to continue in the many months after that.

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Will it only be 2 free games per month or will there be additional discounts as well? 

This is most likely a way to try and counter Sony’s PlayStation Plus service which offers free games every month along with exclusive discounts and other gaming bonuses. Microsoft has not convinced me just yet with this as they have hardly offered up two recent games (PlayStation Plus offered up Hitman: Absolution not so long ago) but, in all fairness, time will tell about this from Microsoft as the service grows.

What games would you want to see them offer up? Let is know in the comments section below.


Alex Elliott

Senior Writer at ZoKnowsGaming
I'm a big gaming fan who has been playing games since ever since Pokemon Yellow was released in the year 2000. I'm just glad that there are decent rugby games on the PS3 now after years of nothing. I need another Uncharted game...NOW!!!!!