inFamous: Second Son To Have Multiplayer Mode?

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inFamous: Second Son looked impressive at E3 this week and there are now suggestions that the upcoming action-adventure game will contain some form of multiplayer mode to accompany the single-player experience. The information was spotted in an Official PlayStation 4 brochure that states that infamous: Second Son will support 1 player offline, with “online players TBC”.

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What would a multiplayer mode entail in a previously single-player only series such as inFamous? 

There are other offline games, with Knack being the most cited example, not including any kind of listing for online player numbers so this has lead to the belief that the mention of online players by inFamous: Second Son is not an accident. The inclusion of multiplayer would be new for series as the previous inFamous games only contained a single-player mode.

inFamous: Second Son is due to drop on the PlayStation 4 early in the new year. Would you play the multiplayer mode if you plan on buying inFamous: Second Son? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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