Xbox One Launch Delayed, Asian Consumers Will Have To Wait Until Late Next Year

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While the policies Microsoft is enacting for the Xbox One are mind boggling, it’s easy to understand the excitement behind the console itself. Microsoft has listed the price for the device at $499, and has told consumers that the next gen console will launch this November. Sadly however, that launch window does not apply to Asian markets.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, “Asian gamers will have to wait a year longer than their American counterparts to get their hands on Microsoft’s Xbox One, which will only be available in the region in late 2014, a year after its U.S. launch this November.” Alan Bowman, Microsoft’s regional vice president for sales and marketing in Asia, also pointed out that the console will only be available in “Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and India.” And just in you were wondering, that list does not include Japan.

So what do you make of this? Microsoft has said that the Asian markets would have more localized content. Does that justify the wait for you? Let us know!


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