The Walking Dead: 400 Days Officially Announced

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A few days ago a listing was spotted in a Steam database for The Walking Dead by Telltale Games entitled “400 Days” and it was widely believed to be some sort of DLC for the main game. Telltale cleared everything up last night by officially announcing the title and explaining that it is a standalone episode designed to bridge the gap between season one and season two of The Walking Dead.

400 Days confirmed 550x312

Your decisions in ’400 Days’ will affect the story in The Walking Dead: Season Two

This standalone episode follows the stories of five individual characters (some of whom appeared in a teaser trailer campaign) with your decisions that you make impacting on the plot of The Walking Dead: Season Two whenever it appears. A trailer for ‘400 Days’ can be viewed via YouTube here (thanks to IGN).

In other Walking Dead news, Sony’s Jack Tretton announced that The Walking Dead: 400 Days would also be heading to Vita along with Season One as part of a console bundle. For more E3 news, keep it here at ZoKnowsGaming.


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