Sony’s PlayStation 4 E3 2013 Showcase Formula, Just Steer Away Microsoft’s Xbox One Debacle

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With next gen consoles standing at the forefront of E3 2013, we’re all looking forward to the announcements of the big players. Honestly, at this point I’m only waiting to see what kind of policies and changes Sony will have with its’ PlayStation 4.

But before we go down that route – Hopefully you’ve had a chance to read some of our news/articles on Microsoft’s plans for the Xbox One. If you have, you’d understand how the sentiments behind some of their decisions aren’t going to well with folks here. To name a couple: (1) Microsoft has decided that you must connect to the internet every 24 hours – otherwise you won’t be able to game offline, and (2) Microsoft has decided that your physical game is not really yours to do with as you please with their used game policy.

Now back to Sony and the PlayStation 4 and their upcoming announcements. I won’t belabor the point on what Sony should do, I’ll just say “Steer away from Microsoft’s anti-consumer decisions with the Xbox One.” It’s really that simple!

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