Fable 3 Available For Free On Xbox.com

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Various video gaming sites are reporting that (at the time of writing) you can download the full Fable 3 game from Xbox.com for absolutely nothing although it is also being reported that only Xbox Live Gold members can take advantage of this ‘offer’ with Silver members still being asked to pay the full listing price of 3600 Microsoft Points.

Fable 3 logo 401x400

The offer is not available at all to Xbox Live Silver members 

It is unknown whether this is an accident or whether it is some odd promotion leading up to Microsoft’s E3 conference today although the former seems the most likely explanation. In order to access the game for free, you select the option to “use Microsoft Points” when you are asked how you wish to pay and once you select to “confirm”, the title is yours!

Let us know if it you got the title for free and what you want next from the Fable series in the comments below.


Alex Elliott

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