Respawn’s First Game “Titanfall” Leaked – Xbox One Exclusive

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With all the recent negative media buzz surrounding the Xbox One, it seems the only thing that can save Microsoft’s new console right now is game announcements, and plenty of them. Of course Monday should give us plenty to talk about, or at least it should if Microsoft isn’t feeling suicidal. In the meantime however, we now know of at least one exclusive title on the way, courtesy of the latest issue of Game Informer leaking its digital version early.

Respawn Entertainment has been formed by ex-heads of Infinity Ward Jason West and Vince Campella, although West has since left the new developer. It has long been rumored that their first game would be a sci-fi shooter and Xbox exclusive, and now thanks to Game Informer we know this is indeed the case.

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Titanfall is the name of the upcoming game, and it appears to be a multiplayer focused sci-fi first person shooter in a similar way to Bungie’s Destiny. The information in the magazine states that players take control of pilot characters who can ride mech-type large robots on the battlefield. The game uses the Cloud to a large degree and also has a traditional multiplayer mode as well as using player characters to flesh out the ‘single-player’ mode, in a way that a lot of MMO games work. Apparently Respawn haven’t discounted porting the game to PS4 at some point, however they stated they wanted to focus on one platform for their first game. Because of this Titanfall will be a console exclusive for Xbox One, although a PC version is also being created.

Expect to see Titanfall forming a large part of Microsoft’s conference on Monday. As a high-profile third-party exclusive it will no doubt create a lot of buzz for the upcoming console. If Microsoft has some killer first party titles to debut alongside this and the usual third-party multi-platform games (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Watch Dogs, etc) then they will be well on their way from recovering from a disastrous month.

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